Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to Ho Chi Minh City- Chapter 1

Dear u.....

baru berkesempatan nak buat review pasal last trip kami ke Ho Chi Minh City (HCM)... oh my...kami pegi dalam masa yang singkat je... dan banyak sangat bende kene ingat nak beli! anyway..let's share some experience there shall we!
 arrival from KLIA
 new airport which is sangat moden
 fyne..vios tahap taxi jek!!
 night life!
 ok this is our hotel...rate is very affordable..nak buat reservation? browse through internet... u can just email them and u will receive prompt reply i tell u! if am not mistaken it only cost u like $35! and bear in mind...despite of dong, USD and RM are commonly used in HCM..
 so far bilik ok je..kalau u nak 5* punya servis bakpe plak nak stay kat hotel cap ayam kan... 
 straight tu is Ben Than Market which is so famous among makcik2, kakak2 yang gilo shopping! 
 oh mmg best bwh hotel ade Shop & Go (7eleven)..so bole beli air mineral...juice and etc.. makanan i would not suggest u  guys to buy makanan dia... so very the was-was..as for us..bawak ko roti gardenia Malaysia yang super halal tu dengan rendang ayam and so many other flavours sardin ada, kaya ada, coklat ada... cukupla untuk few days... n MEGGIE beb... walaupun bekalan mengalahkan kedai runcit...tak puas jugek.... nnti i cite mane kitorg carik makan k!
 hotel2 lain di HCM
 ok this is what inside Ben Than Market...
 giler tgk kain
 halal ke? 
 ok they said HCM produce the best coffee..kitorg xde plak beli..
ok mari sambung PART 2!

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