Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trip to Phuket- Day 1

Me and my 2 bestie had planned for this trip since 2011. Oh and this is my cost ++ trip, because i had to spent an extra RM300++ for flight tix #broke~. I didn't manage to go on the same date as i was call for a full time postgraduate scholarship interview. I've been advised and encourage to go because a friend told me that  i should have never let go this kind of opportunity. Then I fly alone on the next day and asked bestie to arrange hotel transfer for me upon arrival.

Now day 1,

We stayed at Acca Patong Hotel, it's a simple cosy brand new hotel situated in the middle of Patong town, just across the famous Bangla Road [walking distance]. Reservation is through simply reliable!
Don't worry on how to go for island hoping. There are a lot of mini booth set up by the local travel agent nearby. Just do some research first and ensure that what you paid for is at reasonable price. Don't forget to haggle. Normally for PhiPhi Island hoping will cost you about RM100 per head inclusive lunch via speed boat [package inclusive return transportation from hotel]. You can op for ferry too. We prefer speed boat. The faster the better! [this lady is so generous! she's good in giving advice and discount! she speak good English].

Then the exploration begin,
What else ladies do? rejuvenate session! we took full head to toe body package for about RM200 per head. Sauna, foot scrub, coffee body scrub & exquisite body massage. What can i say, Burasari is awesome!
Not to forget, my must have shirt & short glass! Drop by at rock shop after pampering ourselves at the next door spa.
Having dinner at Kusuma Seafood. No.1 list in google search engine. Price is quit reasonable, not much different than Malaysia, quit standard. Unless you eat lobster. Surely cost u more than RM200. Taste wise, not that vavavoom. I've taste much better at Pantai Dalam. Anyway, the owner is Malaysian from Besut, Terengganu and married to local. They have been residing in Patong for years and they started the business due to hi no of muslim tourist specially from Malaysia. There you go, another socio-economic effect 8-).

Bloated and back to hotel for maghrib & isya' (,")

Night life in Phuket,

The Simon Carbaret show,
Simon cabaret was established in 1991 and ever-since the day of establishment, they performed almost every-night in Patong. The two & half hour show involve traditional to modern stage entertainment by the talented LADYBOY! They are truly talented and "genuine"! Tix is available at the local travel agent booth. Price depends on seating. We took VIP seat and cost us about RM80 per head. Before the show started, they will stand in a line outside the stage and offering you for photog. They charge u for 100bath for each photog and u can touch them whichever part u LIKE. bhahahaha. #glad i didn't bring along my husband! 

And there go the ladies calling for tips,

"come come take photo~take photo" #sorejantan

best part when they saw us siap bagi salam "assalamualaikum take photo~"

#gulp!cengang hahahah

But hey, if u refused to pay them, they will chase u around, if u took their picture, they will turn back and ngumpat uolls (macam 'mamat' baju kuning kat atas ni..buat muke konon..kau ingat kau santek?). KERLASSSS kan. it does happen on us! cause bestie refuse to pay! the guy chase us like crazy! puiiiii~ hahaha padan muke

ok..see u soon. Will be back with lot more stories in Trip to Phuket Day 2.

By the way, I FAILED THE INTERVIEW! huhu~

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trip to Phuket - Teaser

Good day everyone! 
I'm eager to share some of our experience in Patong, Phuket. You know why? All because of her!
Superlicious huh? (@.@)'awat ang nganga?'
gatai sgt haih!haha

Shopaholic Trip to Singapore Part 2

ok now is our cooling period where we only spent most of our leisure at home. But still, i couldn't have effort to finish my write-up about Singapore since October and now almost year end! #sigh. Well anyway, let's recapped, we went to Singapore for a very short trip, purposely to enjoyed the Singapore Great Sale last May #meroyan. Ok, i managed to grab a cheap braun&buffel hand bag, tote coach & etc~ ohmy, if i have a bunch of SGD i'll be the luckiest person on earth #devilLOL. Here some eye-candy for ya!
21set correlle cost me only RM400 #ineedpill~
 a pair of Adidas Shoe and cap for him
 D&G for him and Gucci for me, unfortunately not so fall in luv with green. please buy me pink boo!
 my must have shirt
 Micro lenses for our OlyPen. But guys, this is a regret. Fish-eye effect is really suck! 
 Must have no.2
Compulsory souvenir

meet me again in Phuket on next entry bebeh!~