Monday, February 13, 2012

Trip to Sarawak Part 2 - Cultural Village


hm what do we have here? well actually i'm expecting resting, lying on the bed, browsing internet and room service while waiting genggeng come back from his meeting. wasn't really interested at first to accompany him as the only reason is being guilt leaving me for days (byk hari woo), and hence to satisfy me, he brought me to this sarawak's cultural village (wife and negativity is BFF haha). naa~the truth is! i'm tottaly grateful! and for this reason i am enjoying myself exploring this cultural village and find it really awesome! ok to be seriously JUJURIAH to u guys, what else u can do here in Kuching? not that much kan? so this is the best place to go. 

 entrance fees is only RM60 per head. then u'll be given a passport and it need to be stamp at each houses in the village
 long house
now, we started with rumah bidayuh, this house is built only for men and women is prohibited to enter the house as it will reduce the strength of the man (pahlawan) 
place for cooking? no.. this burning site is for the bidayuh to burn the body of the enemy that they killed. The reason as according to the above redscarf uncle is, burning the body will prevent the bad soul (the enemy) from disturbing the bidayuh and their family..freekin'!
 and this is the REAL evidence!!
 inside Iban's long house
 this lovely ladies cheer-up the days with their traditional dance..unfortunately cant really remember which house is this haha
lastly, for the whole excitement here, we were entertained by the performer of the cultural village..nice!
hope this n3 be the reading & viewing pleasure..will add some more on Sarawak's food!


  1. Salam,

    Saya pernah sampai ke sini, tapi tak sempat masuk... :)

  2. Mie: wsalam... penat woo jalan dalam ni but menarik jugek la untuk saye yg tak tahu menahu pasal cultural sarawak.. u shud go next time... besides! the ladies hot2 tau..hahahah

  3. Salam..

    Akak ziarah balas nih. Akak pernah ke kampung budaya nih pada 2006. Masa tu tiket masuk rm20 jer. La ni dah naik harga tiketnya ye..Tempat ni memang best, akak suka.