Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trip to Seoul Korea - Day 1


Hey uolls,

ok i'm blogging this while watching Just Married at FMP..RIP Brittany Murphy.. haha ok, though this is a tiring day for me, still i'm taking this extra energy to share what we've been through last week in KOREA! fuh...yeay it's a nice place to be ..BUT let's find out what we've seen and think about Korea.. Now, first day departed from LCCT at 2.00pm..and arrived at Incheon International Airport at 9.30pm (korean time). i kinda traumatic with long journey since my last 14hours travel to london.. suffocate with the air, the ahjumma next to us, the snoring bear (krohh krohhh grrrr). Oh my AA, it's a torture! but in optimizing cost, what else we can choose?. extra $ for extra comfort la kan..anyway, lots of research done prior to depart. where to stay, what to eat, what to buy, what to use, which transport bla bla bla... gazillion thanks to the travelholic blogger.. org kate sharing is very much shows that u care! hehehhe maka mak cedok mana2 yg patut...
as usual, long que for immigration..but suddenly genggeng lost from my sight..this can't be good la kan. then tentibe one of the officer called me and i saw genggeng with him. oh great! kene tahan ke? the officer asked me " u married him? what his last education background? itu ini" than i asked him back "is there any problem with my husband? is he alright?" he replied "his name is similar to one of our blacklist" ~pengsan (@.@)... kesian genggeng..sib baik tak lama dalam detention room..what the fuel betol ajushi ni..heyyy spoil mood pijak kaki kat Korea...huhuhu dah la very damn long que..  i'm prone to criticize right after the incident! please dunt blame me ye
ok proceed. once everything clear at the immigration desk and luggage...we ran off to find the best way to hotel. clueless! what we did is follow the crowed and heading towards this so called information desk for inquiries. unfortunately at that point of time, the only way to Seoul is by catching the train to Seoul station via AREX and change to subway.

at first, we decide to stay at Skypark or IBIS near Myeon-dong. but considering cost and what not, we decided to stayed at budget hotel. of all the accommodation i read, genggeng is more interested for Seoul Backpakers Hotel..yup mesmerizing website, received the Good Stay award by the Korean Tourism Authority BUT standard la indah kabo dari aku la aku layan, it's important for u guys to really do your research whenever u decide to travel. lucky me, i did bring my toothbrush, soap,  & toothpaste. the only thing i usually buy whenever i go abroad is shampoo. and the best part is, the hotel only provide u a very tiny bath towel u can't even reach your armpit! what the heck! hahahha luckily again i brought every contingencies as my instinct strongly predict what ever might happen to us..(minyak gamat panas pon mak bawak ye)...kehkeh..Seoul backpackers have 2 branches in Seoul, 1 in myeon-dong and another one which we choose to stay at Namdaemun market..they said that the Namdaemun branch is quit new..which part is new? yeay it confused me! xtau pon ape yg baru nyah

ok come let me share how to get here from airport

  1. buy T-Money at 7E and advisable to reload up till KRW20,000 if u wish to travel like us (cukup2 kire nak reload sikit jek kalau nak jalan byk sgt..just nice);
  2. follow the airport railroad sign to catch the AREX (airport train) to Seoul Station;
  3. from Seoul Station transfer to Line No.4 for Dangogae (blue line);
  4. get off at the Hoehyeon Station (after 1 station);
  5. go for EXIT No. 4;
  6. go straight (like 10 steps) turn to the left, u'll see some sort of a hill, go straight u'll see kedai runcit and u'll find Seoul Backpackers Hostel on ur left after 1 mnt walk.
ok for today..i'll blog our 2nd day tomorrow ok!

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  1. Dahsat gak kat airport tu..memang spoil the mood lah..Ok tak sabar nak tunggu sambungannya..