Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shopaholic Trip to Singapore Part 2

ok now is our cooling period where we only spent most of our leisure at home. But still, i couldn't have effort to finish my write-up about Singapore since October and now almost year end! #sigh. Well anyway, let's recapped, we went to Singapore for a very short trip, purposely to enjoyed the Singapore Great Sale last May #meroyan. Ok, i managed to grab a cheap braun&buffel hand bag, tote coach & etc~ ohmy, if i have a bunch of SGD i'll be the luckiest person on earth #devilLOL. Here some eye-candy for ya!
21set correlle cost me only RM400 #ineedpill~
 a pair of Adidas Shoe and cap for him
 D&G for him and Gucci for me, unfortunately not so fall in luv with green. please buy me pink boo!
 my must have shirt
 Micro lenses for our OlyPen. But guys, this is a regret. Fish-eye effect is really suck! 
 Must have no.2
Compulsory souvenir

meet me again in Phuket on next entry bebeh!~


  1. Haaa syiok kan? Dolu2 ingt spore shopping mahal. Rupa2nya jauh lebih murah dr Msia. Jumpa jugak correlle set of 16 tuh RM290 kat Tangs. Kat msia RM590. Uwawawwawawa..

    1. OMG.. sanggup kan beratur kar cashier TANGS tu sampai pengsan..hahaha..