Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello 2014

ohhoooo.. its been a while... it took more than 1 year to regain strength and  boost up my morale spirit to blog back. We visited several country last year 2013 [Beijing, China - Hong Kong - Jeju Island & Seoul for summer etc] but whenever hubs asked when are u gonna blog bout our travel, i said we are just copycatting those other traveler, i mean not all but some of our travel tips has been cascade down by other blogger. and he said "hangat2 tahi ayam" bhahahahha. I am literally super-busy-woman last year. (phuiii kau ingat kau saja yg koje kan) but anyhow i promise myself (myself ok not u) to start back in 2014. This kickoff entry is officially determined my vision to blog this year! so hey u guys!! see u again!

Thanks google!

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