Monday, June 27, 2011

Cat Cabin!

just to share my hubs invention for our luvable Bobbo&thejets... he's grown-up now... and we felt that by giving this to him...he'll be very happy then!!! but instead he just look into it for 1 minutes and left away! hahahha kuang ajo!
so? interested to buy??? can email me at hahah am i really market this for u hubs? hahhahah anyway... this version is about 90% complete...fabric material is running out & that's y u can see the naked's cool for me... we can sell it at a very cheap price...u can never get this at price below RM150... i tell u babe! most of them are RM200++ and above! i know ppl love cat..we love them too but there is a way to get this cabin at cheaper price! hehe...PM ke ok...(^,^)
oh.. not to forget.... this is not a static version.... it is movable... it's a wheel cat's cabin..coo isn't?????

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