Sunday, June 26, 2011

Selera Rimba, Sungai Besar Selangor

hey guys.... it's monday again.....! and to accept the fact that i dun like Monday, i started to blog this topic BUT FYI this is during lunch hour heh...... anyway, last week was awesome and just to share wif u guys, we went out to Sungai Besar, Selangor purposely to find a frame and glass shop.... suddenly tummy felt so hungry and thanks to Mr.Fiu for his brilliant recommendation! we love u fiu..hehe... it's a bit tricky area but we finally managed to reached the place...what so exotic about this place? hm... masakan ala kampung JAWA & BANJAR.....RUSA, KANCIL, LANDAK, AYAM KAMPUNG, IKAN BAUNG, IKAN SEPAT BENDANG, IKAN PUYU & many2 more..... fine... becoz its just the two of us, makan pon xbanyak.... but i tell u masakan dia mmg pure original.. no blander beb...they used LESUNG BATU instead... 

Kuala Selangor - Tanjung Karang- Sekinchan- Sungai Besar - traffic light sungai besar look for signboard Bagan Terap turn right - go straight- T junction turn to the left find BHP go straight- right after hutan2 n coconut palm oil area- Selera Rimba

**Hubs..correct me if am wrong..hahha..

 Ikan Baung Gulai Tempoyak RM15 da best!!!!
 Rusa Berlada RM40

price is a bit expensive..nevertheless the dish is so damn delicious.... teringat2 sampai harini.... so bole la cuba2 makanan exotic ala kampung.....kesemuanya mmg pure dari hutan...  rusa, kancil dll  tu diorang tak ambil yang ternak... mmg haiwan2 liar dalam hutan.... so rase dia slidely different and no commercial vegy macam carrot, cabbage, broccoli n sanak sedare dia ni mmg xde.......sume ulam2 pon kampung2 where i my self org kampung ni xpenah jumpe...anyway it was seriously awesome! 


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