Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Evening Here Alone In the office

ayooo... seriously, no time to blog anything lately... i was like almost loosing interest to write and to review... lots and lots of load coming on my desk! what a life! quoted from my handsome boss yesterday "if i'm gone today, work can be continue...but if i'm gone children will have no father then" huhu.......sebaldi mak nagessssssss! must go on...share a bit about my BF wedding......
Alhamdulillah.... both of them finally unite! funny when i tried to recalled back years before, as when we chat about who's going to be our bedpartner haha, who's going to be our PAYMASTER and many many more... i my self have no idea at all meeting my husband in a very funny ways! where i never noticed him as our classmate for a couple of week! what on earth an ignorant person i am!! phew... never thought he's the one! haha.....we started be a very good friend... then i realised he's being soooooooooo nice to me... more than nice i guess...up until one day he wrote a letter to me saying that he really likes me! MUCHO! pergh.... and i kept this as a secret all by my self.. nevertheless... my BFF (tidur sebantal, setilam, sebilik, sebilik ayor) knew it from a wild guess...not a wild guess actually, they knew something happening between us... n THEY also kept it to themselves! when i asked them they said "eleh kitorg tau la"...choi!!! hahahhh...if i cud turn back time! wow its almost dark outside..i've got to go.... will happyly continue blogging as i found its really help to reduce my STRESS.. mak dah tak larat ni..... lapooooooo!

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