Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Travel Itinerary

me said "boo, have u search any hotel in Hong Kong for us to stay?"

hubs replied "errr...jap"

me "JAP? what jap (tanduk sudah naik)"

Hubs "am in a meeting ni.. u tgk la dulu then we discuss"

me "kan kite dah discuss that this time around i wont prepare u any itinerary..well should i repeat the lecture"

Hubs "ha yela..u know i have only this tiny phone to google can it be done if am in a meeting. later la balik umah"

me "grrrrrrrrrrrrr"

the above conversation  happened few months back and repeated twice a week! NOW (after i bising2 hari2 bebel kalluuuu) i only received this feedback "please check Hop Inn Hostel Hong Kong" (just now via wassup)

ni je ke...aku ingat ade comprehensive report & schedule dah disiapkan... (@,@) #peninnnnn#

biase la uolls, man is a man..specially when they know somebody is independent enough that he can relied on. then they just SIT & WAIT like usual...urghhh! (rase nak nyanyi lagu beyonce 'if i were a boy' hokeyy). whenever kite bebel..ok fyne he opened the laptop, sit and pretending that he's doing like heavy thesis. ya la for only 5 minutes jek..then they switched to ESPN site.. bola sepak red devil blog and only bola, bola and bola. #sejak kenal xpenah nampak pon kat padang bola#... (biase la yg menonton komen mengalahkan coach piala dunia puihhh) then! carik hape pon xtau...

mcm ni la gaye tiap2 kali nak siapkan itinerary perjalanan uolls. last2 mak jugek yg take charge sbb aku xsuke jalan ala2 terjah gitu. mengingatkan kes ke Korea early this year.. supposedly we should take subway but instead he asked me to walked and follow the BIG BLUE SIGNBOARD towards Namsan Park! Aigoooo...hitu la kejadian membuatkan Ligamen lutut mak koyak rabak sampaikan naik lif dipandang serong oleh Ahjumma (yela yg naik lif OKU dengan warga emas jekkkk huhu..sume org pakai tangga). kali ni... walau tpt tu setapak je ble sampai aku nak naik subway/MTR/tram.... haaaa puas ati aku!

Now, back to the agenda. am looking for the the best deal to stay at HK. some said, hotel is too small up untill u solat atas katil? bayangkan la weolls wif humps and lumps ni...peluk luggage la kot tido haha, anyway, I've read some reviews about this Hop Inn Hostel HK and mostly   pleased with the room condition and services.  []. the rooms decor is different from one to another, it's simple and most importantly neat. suit with solo and couple traveler like us. now the ultimate objective is AFFORDABLE..moehehhehe....not to forget that it is located strategically in mid of town. ok!   will be listed in the list for consideration.

sambung buat keje #lunch time dah abis#~~

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